Play That Funky Music…

Feb 19, 2020

So often I have found myself in a vicious cycle of negativity. It’s like I’m in the eye of a totally negative, physically draining, joy destroying tornado! Can you relate?

I call them "Tornados" or "Tornado Moments" because when you're in one you don't know which way is up! They can also come on suddenly, even after a beautiful sunny day. It can feel scary and unpredictable, and even though we all have gone through it we rarely share how to navigate it.

That's where I come in to save the day! (I'm not an expert but as the mom of a group of kiddos I can tell you this ain't my first rodeo.) I hope this advice will serve you well, especially in the weird times ahead.

During these "tornado moments" I find myself listening to negative internal thoughts and lies about my parenting, my business and leadership abilities, and in general doubting who I am. It’s a funky mess.

I have been working really hard to defeat that tornado. But, let’s be real. It’s way easier to stay in the funk than deal with the junk. It’s somehow more comfortable to stay there.  Or so we think…

I’ve been challenged over the last few weeks to push myself to cut the crap. I recognized that if I don’t start doing this, I’m going to be in the same place week after week after week. People, it’s not pretty. So, I've decided to take action. 

Viable action steps are vital to changing my situation (and yours too)!

Let’s get out of the funk with these steps:

  1.  Identify what goals you may have missed.  But do not bring those missed goals over as “failures” into the new week. Simply move your goal to the new week as a positive motivator!  Goals are just that. Goals. Something you’re shooting for. Sometimes you make that shot on the first attempt and sometimes you don’t. 
  2. Get rid of extra mind clutter. Are you scrolling too much on Facebook? Do you have 400 notifications from all the groups you’re in?  At the end of each week pick a few things you’re going to do to help ease the tension. Maybe you unfollow a few groups. Maybe you set better guidelines for Facebook time.  Maybe you get up 15 minutes earlier to pray. We all have mind clutter and you need to identify what is holding you back the most. 
  3. Get a plan for this week. Move forward. Don’t look back. The past cannot be changed but the future can! Write down your plan.  
    1. Must-To Dos
    2. Should-To Dos
    3. Shooting for the Stars-To Dos

All finished? Give yourself a pat on the back and lots of love and grace and get ready to rock the snot out of the new week. 

And remember, leave your funk and junk or you’ll be sunk!


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