Does Your Friend Help You Swipe Right for a Psychologist?

Jan 07, 2020

Does Your Friend Help You Swipe Right for a Psychologist?

Every Mom needs THAT friend. 

The friend that will tell you the truth... even though the truth sucks!

For months I just moved through life. I was trying to keep it together and normal for my kiddos, but also crying in the shower or in my closet. At night I would call that friend and tell her how I can’t keep moving. She would tell me I could. Literally taking it day by day. Second by second.

And finally one night, after months of her telling me to seek professional help and speak to a therapist, it happened.  

She is that friend who will Facetime you so you can work together to pick a therapist- Who knew that using could be a bonding experience?!

We felt like we were on a dating site "swipe right, no, no swipe left!" We laughed even though at the core we both know that what we were doing was not one bit funny. She was there to encourage me to keep going, even when it felt tough. 

We all need that friend who knows ALL the STUFF. She listens and there is not one ounce of judgement. (And trust me people. My STUFF “ain’t pretty.”) But we need that friend, the one that we can tell the scariest of the scary secrets to, knowing she can make us feel normal. She can hold my heart and it is safe. She can normalize the crazy. 

 We also need that friend to be a truth teller. I called her the other day and it went something like this.

“Hey girl! My kids are trying to sit in my van to hide!”
“Yep, and it’s only going to get harder.” 

Awesome, right? But it’s the truth I needed to hear, she knew that. She is my person, full of joy, faith, optimism and full of truth.  

 You might be saying, “She sounds amazing!  I need someone like that in MY life!” 

I would say, “You’re right!” 

I would also say that it is up to you. You need to go find your person if she is missing in your life.

Keep in mind that it may not look like what you think it will. My person isn’t my next door neighbor or someone I met at church. I met her online, through business.

So don’t limit where you can find your person.  Just go find her.

You may go through a few before you find your person. My advice? Just "swipe left" and move on to the next. There is beauty in being able to be authentically you. 

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