Get Social, Sister!

business direct sales freebie social media Jun 05, 2020

You need to up your business social game. But how? Fear not, Sister!

Let's take a step-by-step journey though how to map out your social media strategy.

Get Social Sister

Social Media is the most amazing source of communication on the planet for your business. When utilized correctly, it allows you to reach people around the globe! No longer are we reliant upon neighbors and friends; instead, our dream clients are literally at our fingertips.

It’s so important to learn how to create a presence where people know, like, & trust YOU and your product/service. Trust me, you do not have to be a celebrity to have an amazing, engaged following. I believe it is possible for you to become an influencer just by understanding and using a few simple tools. Are you ready to get started? These social media tips will give you the confidence to reach followers and their networks. Thus, increasing your ability to sell and grow your team of like-minded rockstars.

Name Your Business

Here is the deal, YOU own a business.

Whether you sell someone else’s amazing product or you have created your own, you need a name that reflects YOU, not the product.

Naming your business should be a creative process that helps the authentic you to shine! When choosing a name, it is best to stay away from anything product or company specific. This may sound crazy,but in a few years, you may have a new passion.

Also, if you are selling for someone else, through direct sales or multi-level marketing, they may split off or even close their doors. If your social media presence if full of their brand, your reach and customer base may be lost in transition, and all of that work you put in could disappear in an instant. 

How do we prevent this? Make yourself the face of your business and success, not a product.

A great way to name your business is by using the “name game”. Ask your friends and family for 3 words or things that come to mind when they think about you. This process will be fun and you will be amazed at how this simple task can give you a clear idea of what your brand already is. When in doubt, use your name!

Tell Your Story

What is your life story? (Be honest!)

What is it about you that is unique, inspirational, serious, silly, and mostly authentically, you?

What part of your life do you want to highlight to give your followers the ability to know, like, and trust you? Let's break down your story into your 5 favs. What are 5 things you want your followers to know about YOU, not a product or a company.

Tip: This also can be a great way to name your highlight buttons for your social media stories, like “instastories”

Not sure of where to begin? Let’s brainstorm to help get you started on this journey:

  • Are you the person that people always come to for the latest fashion advice?
  • Are you a gluten-free eating queen?
  • Do you have a whole herd of children and have no doubt that yoga pants will be your wardrobe for life?
  • Have you or your family struggled with a relatable hardship?
  • Do you love conservation?
  • Are you, like me, obsessed with cheese? This is something my loyal followers know and love about me. 

Do you see how this works?  Pick five “this is so me” things.

Be careful though; sometimes we want to be someone we are not. Don’t try to be the fashionista because it’s awesome and it’s something you “want” to be. If your go-to outfit is a hoodie and leggings, then rock them!

Just remember, your followers will not be easily fooled.

Fun Bonus…Have a Mascot!

This little “trick” will get people tagging you in videos and posting pictures to your page.

My mascot is a Unicorn. One of the first stories I told on social was about a home I loved that I nicknamed "The Unicorn House" -- that, coupled with my bright colored hair, made people believe I was a Unicorn queen. On social media I’ve been tagged in pictures of everything from Unicorn toilet paper to dancing Unicorns in space. When they see a Unicorn, my customers and followers think of me and the product I provide. It's a great mind trigger for them to check out what I'm up to or visit my shop and stock up on their favorites. I’ve left an impression on my followers, which means they are thinking about me.

Grab your free workbook now Sister! Click HERE! and get started!



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