Stuck At Home | You Need A Plan(ner)

May 28, 2020

Everyone needs a routine; you HAD a routine.

Overnight your routine was taken away and suddenly you are homeschooling, Zoomin’, working, and you're spending more time with your husband than you have since your first month of dating.

Your routine was dropping your kids at school, going to work, grabbing that much-needed coffee before taking kids to a million activities. Dinner was a rush. Sometimes a drive thru had to cover it. Homework was somehow mixed in, but somehow you made it all work. You had a plan! You knew what needed to happen, your kids knew what to expect, and as parents you and your husband ran this life like a well-oiled machine.


Then that all came to a screeching halt. And now you're wondering, why is it that now I have more time my routine is totally gone and we haven't gotten anything done?

If you haven't met me, I'm Becky, AKA your Binder BFF. Let me fill you in on my life and share with you how this plan saved my family during this uncertain time.

We are a military family of 6, so our schedule was essential. My husband often works long days while I manage my own direct sales team and run the show at home. Now, because of COVID-19, suddenly my husband is home all day long and so are our 4 kiddos. I had gotten used to those 8 glorious hours each day of working at home in total silence.

With all the uncertainty we find ourselves in as quarantine continues, I realized it had been a long time since I started from scratch on our Family Plan. I want to make this summer memorable for all the right reasons! So, what did I do? At 1:30am I started making binders for our family and a new Stuck at Home family schedule. The binders were full of activity sheets, math problems, and chore charts  for the kids and I slapped the new schedule on the fridge. I felt like the Scheduling Fairy!  We were FINALLY all on the same page. Everyone had a way to help out around the house and an expectation of what was going to happen next.


We are all having to think on our feet and put on a brave face for our loved ones during this weird time. So, my gift to you is the Stuck at Home Planner instant download PDF. It includes my own sample of our routine as well as some blank pages so that you can customize it in a way that works for you and your family.


For younger kids, consider adding images for the chores they are in charge of completing. Maybe even add a "Honey Do" list, or whatever else you may need.  My hope for you is that this tool brings some balance back into your life, a way to deal with the "new normal."

Don't forget to share this freebie with your Mom BFFs! They'll thank you for it, did I mention that it comes in 3 colors? Click to download your PDF today!


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