For far too long we have been content with painting our nails and waiting for them to dry.
You know you have three nails painted when the baby wakes up from her nap early. Or maybe you’re running late and need to do your nails in the car. Let's face it: even if we get them painted, we think they’re dry, and they’re not!

That’s why you need dry nail polish! No more smudges or nicks on your nails. You can even stop mid mani to open a bottle of wine or answer that important call. Say WHAT?! Yes all true! Let me show you how!

Hey Sister!

Are you ready to try this nail polish #LifeHack? Are you one of my MNPGA regulars that needs a fix?! Either way shop here sister! We have the latest on-trend styles and colors PLUS! Special new seasonal releases each month!

2020 Spring

Snag the hottest on trend shades for spring.

Is this really your job?

Let me get real for a minute!

It was May of 2017. My husband was days away from heading back in the Army and would be gone for a minimum of 6 months. We had $26 in the bank, the car died, and we had to sell our dream house. The one I loved and dreamt about, The Unicorn House. I had four kids and one still in diapers at the time. I had NO idea of the epic adventure I was about to embark on.
What I did know is that something needed to change.

Fast forward to a year later. Everything has changed! We sold our home, moved three times and settled in Tennessee. During all of this I was able to build my Color Street team of over 600 awesome women and men! This little dry nail polish empire we are building has allowed me to pay off debt, purchase a car with cash AND we still have money in the bank. It’s at least a little more than $26! My children are happy to have their Mama at home slingin' nail polish with her brigade of Unicorns. I now make double what my husband does and it is growing each month.

It's crazy what a year can, do but even more crazy what a direct sales biz can do! Let's write your story...

Check it out!
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