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You can make money, build community, travel and have great nail all from your phone! I know it sounds crazy but a $11 pack of dry nail polish can do this and a heck of a lot more! 

Hey Unicorn! 

The Unicorn Brigade: A team of dry nail polish slingin' Unicorns. 

Wondering what all this Color Street fuss is about and how being a Unicorn is LEGIT changing lives? Let's explore the possibility of what this dry nail polish opportunity could mean for YOU and your family. Timing is everything in this business and trust me sister, there is a reason why YOU are here RIGHT NOW! Do you need some girl time? Something nice for yourself, CASH for a summer vacay, a purpose, FREE STUFF?! We got you covered and your nails too! Watch this quick video from Senior Director, Amber Peterson she will answer all the questions!

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Erin Nichols 

I am a full time Support Manager of a very busy clinic, a happily married woman to a man for 12 years, and a mother to a VERY active 4 year old, Mr. P. With my life going in multiple directions at once, I never had time for me. I LOVED doing my nails, but who has the time and the money for the upkeep!? About a little over year ago, I was introduced to Color Street and was not sold with the first party I went to. I have tried other companies before and it just never lasted as long as they said. But I bought a set to help support my friend. I got them and put them on. Wow, it only took my 8 minutes and I was on my way to work. Faster than when I do my hair!! Then, about a week and a half later, someone said “I love your nails!” Confused, I looked down and whoa! They still look new! Even after typing, washing dishes, cleaning house, and hard playing with the boy, the only way you could tell that they were just put on was my nail was starting to grow! I was hooked!!! I started buying them whenever I could! A year later, I STILL love this product! My hubby looked at me and said (as I was going thru my 30-something sets) “you know you might as well make money off your habit!” That is all I had to hear to give me the finally push.

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Ambrosia Renee' 

I started selling Color Street first and foremost because my family and I wanted some supplemental income. We wanted to not have to worry about spending some money every now and then on the “extra”things. The other reason that I started selling however is because I LOVE the product and wanted to be able to share it with others. . Want to check out what’s possible? Please review Color Street Income Disclosure for average earnings of an Independent Stylist by clicking www.colorstreet.com/incomedisclosure. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years and have been BQ or even earn enhanced commission almost every single month, and let me tell you, it’s been lots of fun. Sure you have to put time and energy into it and be dedicated to your goals, but how many things that benefit you don’t require some energy?!? I am a mom, wife and a full time worker on top of that and I still have time to PARTY and make this adventure work for me and my family!! The best part of the side gig of slinging dry nail polish...the amazing tribe of woman who are there to support me, not just in this venture but also on a personal level! Another bonus for me is that this is the one thing that I do for me!! No kids, no husband, no dogs, just me and amazing ladies that I get to share the magic of Color Street with!!

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Jennifer Todd

I joined because my sister made me. 😂 I mean it’s kinda true, but really I said yes because I was (not very successful) with another company that was much harder to sell. I loved that Color Street is a quickly consumable product that actually works, I saw that people were absolutely loving it, and it’s the only one of its kind, so we really have no real competition! When I joined just over 2 years ago, my husband’s company had just closed and left him without a job, so I was hopeful I could make some money to help our family. And since I knew I wanted to keep buying Color Street, I agreed that selling it would be better for me- now I get all my manis for free, plus the income is pretty nice too! The income was a huge blessing during our time of job transition, now it can help pay for some of our “extras”.





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